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Bulgaria Bribed Turkey’s Communists amid Ethnic Purge in 1989 September 15, 2012

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Bulgaria: Bulgaria Bribed Turkey's Communists amid Ethnic Purge in 1989
A file photo dated 1978 shows Bulgaria’s communist dictator Todor Zhivkov (R) conferring with Turkey’s then President Suleyman Demirel (L). Photo by 24 Hours

As communist Bulgariaorchestrated an ethnic purge against its Turkish minority in 1989, it offered the Turkish comrades generous financial aid, newly published archive documents showed this week.

“A total of 300.000 Deutsche marks will be granted to the UnitedCommunist Party of Turkey,” reads a classified report of the Central Committee of theCommunist Party, dated April 7, 1989.

On May 29, 1989, Bulgaria opened its Iron Curtain border with Turkey — sealed until then – called urged Ankara to follow suit and accept part of its 750,000-strongTurkish minority.

An estimated 200,000-300,000 ethnic Turks left the country during the so-called “revival process” at the end of the 80s, when ethnic Turks were forced to adopt Bulgarian names, prompting their mass exodus.

The Bulgarian Communist Party claimed that the people are leaving the country voluntarily.

Nearly 3,000 documents of the Bulgarian communist party‘s executive committee were published this week on the website of the state archives agency, or http://www.archives.bg/politburo.


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