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This blog is dedicated to the ongoing struggle for human rights in Greece in regards to the recognition of the Turkish and Macedonians minorities that live in the country, who have been for many years denied the right to self identification.

You can contact me at:    tra8zon@hotmail.com


1. Aleksandar - February 3, 2009
2. Riste - September 25, 2009

Former Yugoslav Republic of Monkeydonia sucks to Former Gipsy Sultanat Turakistan! xaxaxaxxaxa… MACEDONIA IS ONLY BULGARIAN LAND!!!

3. Travel Macedonia - October 25, 2009


Regards from Macedonia

Monkey Donian - January 28, 2014

Ahahahahaaaaaa who the hell wants to visit this hell of gypsies ?

4. Skopianoskata - October 28, 2009

It is nationalistic propaganda forum!

Monkey Donian - January 28, 2014

Just for laughs.

5. greg - October 29, 2009

FYROM is a collection of pathetic,discarded Slavs and Albanians seeking to create a mythical history and substantive identity to be proud of.

It would be much easier just to become Greek !

Voya - November 17, 2009

Like your ancestors did, become Greek.

No thank you, we Macedonians have for what to be proud of.

alan smith - January 6, 2012

LOOL I think your actually the thicket race on the planet. Alexander will NEVER be yours! Your 1st ever prime minister even told you that you are slavs! Your pathetic, your worse than vermin, stealing history that is not yours! You can bumsuck nato and america as much as you want, YOU WILL NEVER BE MACEDONIA! Now run back to your little bulgarian nation u came from and stop talking.

Oh and remember you have NO history! Now Go to sleep at night and live with ur head bowed down in shame 😉

Monkey Donian - January 28, 2014

Why you insist to be macedonians? russians suit you better. you speak kind of russian, your forefathers came from russia, what the hell do you have in common with the ancient greeks? NOTHING.
you just wanted a fancy name for your country.
Macedonia is already taken.
Why don’t you call your home “Maseratia” or “CocaColia”? it sounds cool.

6. karl - October 29, 2009

same goes for the mongrel Turks

7. Mile - November 13, 2009


Monkey Donian - January 28, 2014

Bulgarska, YES, Albanska, YES, but Macedonia – NOOOOO!

8. Christine - December 9, 2009

I really like your blog and just added a link on my site. Keep up the good work!

Monkey Donian - January 28, 2014

I don’t want to waste your time.
The Roman Empire owned Egypt for a large period of time.
After 2000 years, some egyptian guys decide to call themselves “Romans”, their language Latin or Romanian and insist that are romans.
Should Italy accept their wishes because Rome is a city and not a country? Recognize a part of Egypt as the new country named …. “Roma” ???
If “yes” then go ahead, call these idiots “macedonians”.
If not, you might want to think what goes next with “made in Roma” products of the egyptians… and why they keep trying to get rid of their crimes, as long as everybody knows these guys formerly yugoslavs performed a genocide plan against albanians in Kosovo and other areas.

9. John C - December 20, 2009

Hello, I am not Macedonian or Turkish, but feel very strongly about the unreported denial of human rights in the not only economically bankrupt but morally bankrupt state of Greece. Here in Britain we see our ethnic and cultural minorities as a benefit and strengh to our society. Our arts and history are peppered with individuals and groups who were not as some might say British, but have undenibley created our identity. From William The Conqueror 1066 to the musical groups of the Ska movement of the 70s and 80s all have contributed to a modern nation, essentially made up of immigrants. I have travelled all over the world, Macedonia included and am familiar with the blackmail that is being carried out on its people and constitution. I am also aware of the ethnic cleasing taking place in Greece.
Macedonian history takes in a vast geographical and time period, the actions of one despot 2400 years ago does not define any single ethnicity or nations history. If one really wants to look at history maybe one should start with the dubious ethnic policy that Greece took towards its own Macedonian populous during the past century culminating in a society that refuses to recognise any ethnic minority within its borders apart from a small ‘Muslim’ minority Greece was forced to recognise under the the Treaty of Lausanne, 1923. There was another European nation that tried to create an ethnically homogeneous state in the past 80 years, that ‘history’ should serve as a warning.
The Republic Of Macedonia is a forward thinking, open, democratic country trying to make its way in the modern world. Ethnicity is not something set in stone, I am English and yet my ethnicity has no links to that of King Arthur, Robin Hood or many other famous English figures (If indeed King Arthur was English). It is in the same way that the state of modern Greece and its inhabitant bare little resemblance to the collection of city states and Greek culture of old. The word, the phrase, the notion Macedonian does not belong to one nation or peoples. There are those in Greece who choose to define themselves as Macedonian, there are those who live in a nation called The Republic Of Macedonia (recognised by 127 nations), who call themselves Macedonians, so be it, everyone has a right to self determination. As it states in article 15 of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights ‘No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality’, a document that Greece voted for in 1948.
Macedonians within The Republic Of Macedonia have always been proud of their culture, their identity, their history. These are not concepts that appeared when Yugoslavia fell. I know an incredible 93 year old woman who lives in rural Macedonia, near to the Serbian border, she has no TV and has limited access to outside world. I asked her what nationality she was, bemused at my question she answered ‘Macedonian’. I then asked what nationality she was when she was a child, more confused at my ridiculous query she answered ‘Macedonian of course’. Who in this world has the right to deny this woman, her village, her municipality, and her country the identity that they have decided upon hundreds of years ago. If they are not Macedonian then what are they? Individuals such as ‘Riste’ and ‘Greg’ are not here to discuss, compromise or understand. Denial, hypocrisy and a blinkered view of history can only lead to an atmosphere of hatred and the lack of security world wide.

With respect to all nations and ethnicities

maria - January 4, 2011

You are lying!!! You are a FYROMian who pretends that he is British…
If Alexander the Great was not Greek, why he spoke Greek, he had a Greek teacher (Aristoteles) and a Greek name? The FYROMians are Slavs who do not like the real name of their region, Bardaska Banovina! “Macedonia” has a grandeur, a “class”! But “Bardaska”… no, no, no.
If you are really British how would you like Cyprus to declare a “constitutional” name such as New Britain? After all, all the massacre you Brits did to the poor island, they have a right over the name, don’t they?

stavros - August 17, 2012

“Dear” John C,

You obviously fell victim to the well instrumented and well publicised (and clearly well paid for by many who have interests in the region) Slavoskopianic (no easier name for a group of people who control power in the capital Skopje of FYROMia and dictate to the population what to diclare as ethnicity over the past 100 years or so…) propaganda…
Nevertheless of of it is rubbish…

“Macedonian history takes in a vast geographical” :macedonian heartland comprises a more or less defined region situated in today’s West and Central Macedonia (REAL Macedonia in Greece, search in maps for regions). Its borders barely reached the place where today Thessaloniki, or Salonika is situated to the east, some kilometers SOUTHWARD from Greek-FYROMian borders to the north. To the west Macedonia reached up to the mountains of Epirus,where the closely related greek “tribe” of Epirotans had their kingdom, Epirus, a close and trustfull ally against attacks from northern “barbarians:yes, the ancestors of today’s FYROMians as an irony of history, Alexander’s mother Olympias was an Epirotan herself. To the south Macedonia bordered with the greek tribal state of Thessaly, who allways considered Macedonia as the best breakwater against barbarians to the North (relations between greek INDEPENDENT states (all 500 major states around the mediterranean and black sea,1000 if including lesser entities) where based upon interests…)
Here to mention a fact that Slavoskopians point as “important”, the distict differences between Athenian political organization and Macedonian political organization. The fact is that Macedonia was a “normal” greek tribal state as so many in the greek world including Thessaly to the South or Boeotans just next to Athens and Thebes, as a matter of fact. “Tribreation of city states, political terms and customs continued to follow its path: in Athens itself population and electorate was divided in ten “tribes” each having its own first priest and electing its own general (that’s why Athens had ten generals…).

It was only after Philip II, Alexander’s father conquered vast territories that macedonians saw the hills of Fyromia. The interesting part is that NOT even then did they conquer all of Fyromia, large parts of it remained free Dardanian kingdoms INCLUDING the city of Skopje, which existed by that time and is reffered as Skoupoi. Here is a real map of macedonia in a site that refers to concrete facts (what FYROMians do NOT have) such as coins.


Finally part of Fyromia (still…) would be conquered by Alexander the Great. That of course is not strange, since he conquered half the known world. That as an appeal to “Macedonianism” is thin, since if so, 15% of the world population, from Albania to Northern India, living in regions that came under his direct or indirect rule and can claim to be “Macedonians” at least as much as Fyromians are Macedonians..

I will post another time (work,work) to unveil Slavskopian propaganda referring to “ethnic cleansing” in Macedonia (still greek region, not FYROMia).alism” was so well rooted in greek politics that even after the creation of city states, political terms and customs continued to follow its path: in Athens itself population and electorate was divided in ten “tribes” each having its own first priest and electing its own general (that’s why Athens had ten generals…).

It was only after Philip II, Alexander’s father conquered vast territories that macedonians saw the hills of Fyromia. The interesting part is that NOT even then did they conquer all of Fyromia, large parts of it remained free Dardanian kingdoms INCLUDING the city of Skopje, which existed by that time and is reffered as Skoupoi. Here is a real map of macedonia in a site that refers to concrete facts (what FYROMians do NOT have) such as coins.


Finally part of Fyromia (still…) would be conquered by Alexander the Great. That of course is not strange, since he conquered half the known world. That as an appeal to “Macedonianism” is thin, since if so, 15% of the world population, from Albania to Northern India, living in regions that came under his direct or indirect rule and can claim to be “Macedonians” at least as much as Fyromians are Macedonians..

I will post another time (work,work) to unveil Slavskopian propaganda referring to “ethnic cleansing” in Macedonia (still greek region, not FYROMia).

John C - September 23, 2013

Whilst I appreciate your view of what you call the ‘REAL Macedonia’ I have to disagree with your rather limited and parochial definition. It all depends on whether you want to define a state, region, people, and culture by a brief period of history from over two thousand years ago. Personally I think one should have a far more objective, unblinkered, progressive view of modern European demographics, politics, issues of identity, and the base human right of self determination. The history of a region, state, people, culture and definition is far more than you propagate in your previous comment. Unfortunately for those who either do not understand, or worse choose not to understand, the Macedonian issue is not just a question of a brief ancient dynasty from over two thousand years ago. Your simplified version of Macedonian history denies the complexities of European demographics and politics.
I was educated in ancient history at school; I studied long dead ancient civilizations, extinct cultures, self proclaimed gods, and despots. However at my school we also looked at the following two thousand years of world history; at migration, annexation, assimilation, the fall and rise of empires, the struggle for independence, recognition, and human rights. If I was to define my identity via the paradigm you imply then I would have to draw a direct undiluted link back to mud hut dwelling, primitive people of ancient Britain such as the beaker people. Because I don’t speak the tongue of ancient Britain, share their culture or ethnicity does this mean I can not call myself British? Perhaps you’d like to define what makes me British?
The often hysterical arguments that those who would deny a nation and people its right to self determination use, usually ignore the history of Macedonia as a whole. Where is your mention of prehistory, the Roman, The Theme, The Byzantium, The Ottoman? Lets not forget that the region of Macedonia that is part of Greece today has only been included since 1913, a decade after the first independent (and short lived) Macedonian republic was declared.
The Republic Of Macedonia, like The Hellenic Republic and the rest of the world has been subject to the ebb and flow of history. There are no ancient Macedonians living today, there are no ancient Greeks or Britons. There is however thousands of years of history, culture, geography and religion which have led to define what it means to be Macedonian in today’s world no matter what region, state, or ethnic group you belong to. To monopolize a term, name, or entire history of a region (no matter what state you are from) is to ignore the basic virtues of identity and ethnicity. To dismiss out of hand the complexities around thousands of years of struggle and issue is to render your argument redundant.

PS. In regards to your comment
‘I will post another time (work,work) to unveil Slavskopian propaganda referring to “ethnic cleansing” in Macedonia (still greek region, not FYROMia).’
its been a year now, whilst I appreciate you might be busy at work, work, I’d love to see your further posts in regards to this ‘propaganda’ as you see it.

Monkey Donian - January 28, 2014

Surely you are not Macedonian since there exists not any nation with this name. You are a former yugoslavian desperately searching for a name for yourself.
There’s a good chance about 40% that you are albanian, another 60% bulgarian.
And like you can’t add potatoes + eggs to make “potatoegg”, you can’ t add albanians to bulgarians in order to obtain “macedonians”.

John C - August 12, 2014

You are only right in one respect, I am not Macedonian.

You state that ‘there exists not any nation’ called Macedonia. If I were you however I would let the 130 plus states worldwide that identify the Republic Of Macedonia under its constitutional name that they are wrong in respect of the base human right of self determination.

Although any one using such racial epithet such as the one used to identify your misguided, backward and frankly confused post, wouldn’t hold much stead when it comes to sensible and constructive discourse.

Leves D - February 9, 2014

Take your bullshit respect to the multi-culti jungle that Britain is rapidly becoming. You are not wanted here.

John C - August 12, 2014

I am very proud of the ‘multi-culti jungle’ that I live in. Whilst not perfect Britain and British society strives to get on. We like the rest of the world have our issues over race, ethnicity and identity. But although its not easy, on the whole we are willing to discuss and be open to others opinions. Unlike yourself who seems a little disturbed and afraid to hear of others opinions. Forgive me if I am wrong but this is a blog for discussion, and constructive debate. When you announce that I am ‘not wanted here’ you display the intransigence that betrays your regressive paradigm and lack of respect for freedom of speech.

Leves D - August 13, 2014

You are entitled to your opinion John C, I don’t agree with it one bit.

10. wecantlivealtogetherinpeace - January 17, 2010

The term “macedonia’ could be a concept that is used in both Greece and the country that wishes to call itself Makedonia. What Greeks cannot actually tolerate is the widespread and sickening propaganda that the former uskup raises its children in, when they hang posters on the classroom walls with maps of the ‘Big Mac’, which includes places which are clearly in Greece: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTUqfuTbk_s&feature=related

11. Your neighbor - February 12, 2010

What means the name “Alexandros” in “Macedonian” language?

In Greek language means the person how can’t defeated.
Αλέξανδρος > from the prefix αλεξ- (αλέξω = block, obstruct, parry) + (άνδρας = man).

Some other Greek words who have the prefix “αλεξ-” are:
αλεξικέραυνο (lightning rod) = αλεξ + κεραυνός (lightning)
αλεξιβρόχιο (umbrella) = αλεξ + βροχή (rain)
αλεξίσφαιρο (bulletproof) = αλεξ + σφαίρα (bullet)
αλεξίπτωτο (parachute) = αλεξ + πτώση (fall)

What “Macedonian” language?
I speak very well Bulgarian and I can understand a few words in Yugoslavian or in Russian but in “Macedonian” разбирам everything. The only difference is the suffix of the words.
Think about these and don’t “bite the hook” of your domestic propaganda.

maria - January 4, 2011

Whoever speaks English can understand that:
“Alexandros” comes from Alex (protect) as in the word “alexipharmic”and andros (man) as in the word “android”. Both Greek word, right?

His father was King Phillipos (Phillip) meaning “lover of horses”. Yes, everybody knows that Phil means “love” as in “philanthropist”, “philarmonic”, etc. Ippos is horse as in the word Ippodromio (hippodrome), Hippopotamus, etc.

Andros - April 26, 2011

South and Central Americans today have European and Spanish first and last names. Many Europeans bear Semite or Jewish names. If Alexander’s name is “Greek” like you say, does that make him Greek? Certainly not. It is no secret that he was conquered by Hellenic culture as the high culture of the time, but history tells us that the Greek speaking people HATED Macedonians. There are so many examples from ancient histories where they talk about the differences between Greeks and Macedonians, it’s not even worth on your part to argue the opposite. Every single greek argument hits a solid wall of written FACTS not suppositions.

Konstantas - December 19, 2011

It was not the Greeks “who hated” Macedonians. It was ancient Athenians. And they didn’t hated Macedonians, they just didn’t like the plans of the Macedon king Philip, who intended on ruling over the rest of the Greek world. It was in this frame that Athenian rhetor Demosthenes went so far as calling Phillip a barbarian. This is not a proof of a distinct character of Greeks and Macedonians, because it is not the complete picture. And to complete the picture, one has to mention that there are also many references, where ancient Macedonians are reffered as Greeks.

Something more: all the above have to do with ancient Greece, before the time of Alexander the Great. There is, of course, Greek history after that. And in all these long centuries, Macedonians were counted as part of the Greeks. In Byzantium there was a dynasty called Macedonian.

Slavic peoples appeared in the Balkans from the 5th century AD. This is about 1000 years after any quotation from classical writers, that might be presented as implying a distiction between Greeks and Macedonians. Even admitting such a distinct character of Greeks and Macedonians in the 5th or in the 4th ce. BC, this cannot be taken as a conclusion for the following centuries. And also: it cannot possibly have anything to do with the modern state of Skopiaj, because its population is Slavic, and they have no relation with what was happening in antiquity, before the Slavs appeared in the Balkans.

Today, the people of Skopiaj have an identity of their. We think it was constructed during Yugoslavian period. But whatever its origin, it is absolutely impossible to project this identity as far back as Alexander the Great and his father, a period many centuries before any Slav ever appeared in the Balkans. The name for this identity cannot be Macedonian, because it is also used in the Greek tradition. There are Pontian Greeks, Cretan Greeks, Cypriot Greeks. And there are also Macedonian Greeks. This name cannot be used exclusively for the Skopian people, because this is the name of the Greeks living in the area of Macedonia. It is a local toponymy. But some people in Skopiaj want to have this name exclusively. And also, they even want to project it in the period before 5th ce. AD. We think they should settle with something like North Bardarska, or Nova Bardarska.

12. MACEDONIAN PATRIOT - March 29, 2010

The Western World propaganda, discriminations, crimes, and violations against MACEDONIA AND THE MACEDONIAN NATION!

Read about the “Democratic”-dictators, racist-nazis, fascist, criminal/bandits, terrorist, barbaric, fanatics and corrupt Western Worlds anti Macedonia propaganda, and anti propaganda the Macedonian Organization VMRO-MNM and anti Mr. Ljupco Mircevski-Trepet propaganda.

Read about and si Mr. Ljupco Mircevski-Trepet the Great of Macedonia!

To: President Barack Obama (president@whitehouse.gov)


Read about the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Macedonia For The Macedonians (VMRO-MNM)!

Declaration of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Macedonia For The Macedonians (VMRO-MNM)!


VMRO-MNM is for United Macedonia and for United Macedonians
Macedonia For The Macedonians.

PS. Before 1860, “Greece” (“Hellas”) did not exist. Neither did any “Greek” (“Hellenism”) nationality. Before 1913, no Serbian “Albanian” or “Bulgarian” nationality or country existed. Before the Second World War, no Montenegrin, Croatian, Bosnian or Slovenian nationality or country existed. All of this is old Macedonian territory. As evidence, there are ancient historian maps presented in book Macedonia For The Macedonians.

Monkey Donian - January 28, 2014

Hey, smart guy, some people in the USA could identify themselves as “indians”, ask for their country to be named “INDIA” and recognized as “India” no matter this was a state of the U.S.A. known as “indiana”.
Do they have this right? No because they’re native americans, not indians, india is an other country (name is already in use) and everybody would laugh at them. That’s the fact with the Monkeydonia case, laughter.
I suggest these people to get rid of the fascistic regime of Gru(evski), then merge with albania or bulgaria. No chance to stand alone ever. Sorry guys, building over sand results to collapsing.


This site makes me LAUGH….you are really afraid of Greece…..and that is good….MACEDONIA WAS,IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE GREEK.
If you want to STEAL OUR name come and get it.
We can dissapear you from the map within seconds.

Andros - April 26, 2011

Better choose DEATH my friend. HELLAS is nothing but another small Balkan country. Stop acting like westerners because you are NOT. Your national myth is so feeble that you should consider taking another option in life- integrate with the Balkans instead of destroying it, like you are doing to Macedonia.

Do you know what it says on the building of the Greek Parliament in Athens? The names of Macedonian villages are CARVED IN STONE…in their ORIGINAL names. They are called differently today in Greece. There is a PROOF that your history is full of lies and stupid mistakes.

btw, turkey can swallow Greece at any given moment. stop jumping like roosters and start behaving nicely.

Leves D - February 9, 2014

Or what little Bulgar? Who will ever be afraid of you FYROMians?

Mac-Turko - June 5, 2012

hahahahaaaa ! megalomania! wake up, enough dreaming!

14. ΜΕΓΑΣ_ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ - March 30, 2010

Pfff you think its propaganda that made everyone believe Alexander the Great was greek. You are totaly wrong. As far as propaganda goes, all of people know that Alexander is much more related to Greece than FYROM. What is FYROM?, a country 30 years old not even. They stole the name from Greece, the flag and now they think they are Macedonians. Well they are actually mostly Bulgarian Slavs. They have no connection to the ancient Macedonains, who called themselves Helenes. Alexander the Great was Greek!

15. Greek and Proud - April 7, 2010

So it’s to be a compromise FYROM is to be ” Northern Macedonia ” personally I hate it , as the word Macedonia should not be used be a non Greek , they are Slavs .
Unfortunately we live in a world of compromise and in doing so I must accept that a bunch of Slavs are going to be allowed to steal a part of my heritage.
Unfortunately Greece is in a weakened state at present economically and must bend to some pressure, so I will tolerate what is hard to swallow , but let me assure all that no economic circumstances will make any Greek back off from the fact if they ( the Skopians) attempt any other actions that are not in Greece’s interest I will add my name to the list of Greeks who will wipe them off the map.

16. stan - April 27, 2010

iI l;ike to say couple words to john cabout England.my kid lives in your country, and she hate because your people like only british, I can hate you beause my grandkids are british by birth, and i love themmore than this b,s.When you are going to ruturn the statues from the Acropolis i born in Athens on top of the graves of those people who curve them give them back its illegal holding in your country, I blame your greek prince,you know who he is.also you will need the Olympic flame in 2012, why you dont ask the real Greeks the Slav-bulgarian so called Macedonian,I dont think you like if the German manage to take over England and move Big ben to berlin?i dont think so.Greeks do not abuse civilians only kill soldiers.before you write again read history not fyrom propaganda,The Greeks had,have and always have the biggest commercial fleet 3084 ships Cyprus third over 2000 betwen them every 3 ships in the sea one is Greek check for your self.Every damn city around med sea was greek buil ,all sicily.nice in france,tripoli in lybia,alexadria in egypt,Ismir istanbul(was built by the Athenian King bysa named bysantium Odessa in ukrane,trpezous ,kerasous and more dont tell me we dont belong there we are not the new kids in the block,you all took plenty from us no more.North Macedonia is a big present they should take the offer if i was Papadreou i will agree only on Rebuplic of slavic phony Macedonia, I think you people out of your minds claim Alexander the great ,some slavs dont make the region.Also on top is an offeding map of Fyrom with Greek Macedonia ,and i dont believe turkish people will like see a Greek map with Anatolia in.Please modified to current legall borders ,we try to make peace Edrogan is comming to Athens next month, dont side just to spite go for what is true .Turkey will profit work with Greece more than so called macedonia.

17. Pol - May 4, 2010

You should name this blog: “Comedy friendship”

18. Stavros - May 11, 2010

Mr Stan, learn how to talk like a human being then come back and talk.

19. Macedonian - June 1, 2010

Dedicated to Monkeydonians all over the world with love from Real Macedonians of Greece.

Leves D - February 9, 2014

From the very few Bulgars still remaining you mean.

20. Macedonian - June 1, 2010

This video is dedicated to the facist Turks that created this blog:

Whos gay now ha??? hahaahahahhaaa


21. jim - August 15, 2010

What a ridiculous site. An artificially created nation and the local representative of the United States have now formed an alliance?! LOL You can make all the alliances you want. Hey, maybe you can start a joint propaganda campaign: FYROM is Macedonia and There Was No Genocide. All that in the same poster. That way the EU will toss both your entry applications in the same garbage can.

22. John - December 3, 2010

Please look at the map of “Macedonia” on the top. Can’t you see there is Greek territory inside? These people want to expand! Is it clear for the British Guys? Hello! nobody is threatening your country’s integrity. Our country IS threatened.

Somebody please help me understand something about Alexander’s legacy. His men were scattered throughout Asia. Many returned to homeland Greece. But after some thousand years and many generations, they re-appeared, all concentrated inside former Yugoslavia. And of course they did not forget to change their language from Greek to a version of Slavic.
I have a proposal for Turks: Why don’t you claim Alexander’s legacy? You came from the wastelands of central asia. Different areas and eras of course, but much more credible than what “Macedonians” now claim. In some years the world might believe you.

23. Goran fakedonski - December 23, 2010

Yugoslavization of the Bulgarian GOCE DELCEV!
Skopians are Pseudodonskis. The Yugoslavization of the Vardar-Bulgarians!
Here is the grave of the Bulgarian Goce Gelcev in Bulgaria (See “SBObODATA” in Bulgarian):

And here is the Yugoslavization of the Bulgarian Goce Delcev in Skopje in serbocroatian language:

The Yugoslavization of the Bulgarian GOCE DELCEV is representative for the Yugoslavization of the Vardar-Bulgarians in year 1945.

Skopianoskata - December 3, 2013

A Slavo-Bulgarian-Albano-Turcos-Gypsies Yugoslavian state with the HELLENIC name Macedonia is a paranoid fake state!!

24. Rürup Rente Vergleich - December 26, 2010

I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality content you are posting here for free for your online readers. thanks peace klara.

25. Bulgarian man - January 4, 2011

Are really macedonian bulgarians so confused to be friends with their worst executioner!?!? This is absolutely perverted! Ancient Macedonia has disappeared 148 B.C.

Monkey Donian - January 28, 2014

We didn’t dissapear, we are still here. Perfectly alive and well. How can you say that ancient Macedonia has “dissapeared”? Were you there to count them?
whatever happened to macedonians, they surely didn’t turn to slavs, right????? haahahahaha

26. Nationalists are evil - January 4, 2011

The ultra nationalist that runs this website is a liar.

“The creation of the Macedonian nation, for almost half of a century, was done in a condition of single-party dictatorship. In those times, there was no difference between science and ideology, so the “Macedonian” historiography, unopposed by anybody, comfortably performed a selection of the historic material from which the “Macedonian” identity was created. There is nothing atypical here for the process of the creation of any modern nation, except when falsification from the type of substitution of the word “Bulgarian” with the word “Macedonian” were made.
(Denko Maleski, former Minister of foreign affairs of FYROM from 1991 to 1993 in an interview to FYROM newspaper Utrinski Vesnik)

27. Nationalists are evil - January 4, 2011

‘We are not related to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian.'(FYROM´s Ambassador to Canada Gyordan Veselinov in interview to Ottawa Citizen Newspaper 24 February 1999)

“We are Slavs who came to this area in the sixth century … We are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians” (Kiro Gligorov, FYROM’s first President to Foreign Information Service Daily Report, Eastern Europe, February 26, 1992)

28. Nationalists are evil - January 20, 2011

A “human rights” website… that shows 1/3 of Greece annexed to FYROM?

Manipulattive nationalists like you that pretend to stand for “human rights” are the lowest of the low.

29. Nationalists are evil - January 20, 2011

A “human rights” website… that shows 1/3 of Greece annexed to FYROM?

Manipulative nationalists like you that pretend to stand for “human rights” are the lowest of the low.

30. WTF - March 25, 2011

Whatever you do, you are still Bulgarians and Turks, both of Mongolian (aka East Asian) heritage. You are lowlifes as your ancestors were.

31. Andros - April 26, 2011


to all the greeks who are so blinded by their stupid fake nationalism. I feel sorry for you. You have been lied to by your government that you are great and famous people, descendants from the famous hellenes. Well you don’t show any of that behavior. You are so uncivilized that I find it wasteful to type this message for you. Long live Macedonia, long live justice.
And thank you Turkey for the just role of a balkan and asia minor superpower.

Leves D - February 9, 2014

You can suck Turkey’s ass as long as you want Bulgar. They won’t help you.

32. bezbolesna liposukcja - May 13, 2011

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33. George - October 27, 2011
34. CF - June 28, 2012

This is a great site, congratulations to my Mongolian and Slavic friends who put it together. Keep up the good work.

35. G.H. - August 3, 2012

Alexander the Great was speaking the original Hellenic language.
Alexander the Great was Macedon
Macedons were always speaking the Hellenic language wich has exactly the same alphabet with today’s Hellenics.
Skopjians have no history and speak Slavic language
Macedons are Hellenes
Macedonia belongs to Hellas
And Skopjians are nothing if they do not call themselves Macedons.
It’s so simple…


Skopje or Skoupi is from Greek word skoupi-dia= SKOUPIDIA.english is GARBAGE AND THIS IS YOUR NAME GARBAGEDONIA OR SKOYPIDIADONIA.

37. Keep_Walking - August 14, 2012

Ancient Macedonians used to speak the “Ancient Greek Language”… So the descendants of them must speak the same language… Like the Greeks… Also the ancient Macedonians used to worship the same Gods with Athenians & Spartans….! I can’t understand why Macedonia shouldn’t be just a part of Greece (Hellas) and should be a separate slavic nation …. Do not fall victim of propaganda… Read & learn… Macedonia is hellenic… The nation above the Hellas has the name “Skopje”… That’s all!

38. Mario - August 16, 2012

monkey-donians, thats your real name of your state.Monkies and Turks, they go together, side by side.

39. jorisvda - September 7, 2012

So Turkish and Macedonian friendship is based on common hatred against Greece. Sad…

40. mano - October 6, 2012

Dont worry skopian scums, Turkey will be dragged in a war with Syria, the PKK Kurds will screw Turkey, who will help FYROM. Chrisi Avyi is on the Rise in Greece and links Between Russia and Greece will be Established including Serbia. You Skops will be on your own, no-one will defend your scummy race when we will slaughter your people.

41. mano - October 6, 2012

With Chrisi Avyi on the Rise in Greece, all the Albanian and Pakistani scum will be kicked out and maybe they can go to FYROM, maybe Skopian will become an islamic Nation, The capital city of FYROM will be called Islamabad, maybe can change your skopian flag and add a moon. Maybe can call yourselves Albania

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hello!,I really like your writing so a lot! share we keep up a correspondence more approximately your article on AOL? I require a specialist on this area to resolve my problem. May be that is you! Having a look forward to see you.

43. Mushtaq Tariq - July 14, 2013

Turkey is a great country. We Pakistanis love Turkey! Long live Turkey. Turkey is a peaceful country and it wants peace and friendship with its neighbours.

Leves D - February 9, 2014


44. Skopianoskata - October 25, 2013

Skopians are Yugoslavian Titoistic pseudonation! The Yugoslavisation of the Vardar Bulgarians with HELLENIC name! Pure paranoid YUGO pseudonation, parasite of the HELLENISM!

45. Greg - April 9, 2014

The brit (John) who answered proudly pointing to british heritage should examine the history of the nation he lives in more carefully and answer the atrocities committed by the british empire over the past 10 centuries before he spreads his hypocrisy. They divided nations to subjugate them, The opium wars they created forced Chinese to opium addiction under threat of death. Atrocities in India, Africa, North America, etc etc etc etc etc.

He should then compare this history to the creed of Alexander the Great which hangs in the Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki before he continues his self designed propaganda. Look it up.

It is just like a brit to act in a way to encourage “divide and conquer”. To take advantage of nations while they are weak for their own self serving purpose.

The Greeks and the Serbians and the Bulgarians are connected by their orthodox religion. It is this religion which survived them during Ottoman rule. They are very familiar with subjugation, ethnic cleansing and forced religion. History cannot be forgotten. Had Britain been a subject of Ottoman rule or even the German bot he would be singing a completely different tune at his teetotalling parties.

John C - August 12, 2014

With the greatest respect at what point have I proclaimed my support for what was the British Empire? If you want my opinion on that part of British history we can talk about that specifically. I was only trying to demonstrate there are many different aspects of British history that makes up the modern definition of being British. I don’t define someones right to be ‘British’ by their ability to trace their roots back to the peoples who occupied these islands two thousand three hundred years ago.

For the record in my opinion the only good thing to come out of the British Empire and colonial rule was the spread of cricket worldwide.

I really don’t understand this ‘divide and conquer’ claim. Who is it I am trying to divide, and in what way am I trying to conquer? I am merely saying it how I see it, I respect your opinion and your right to express it, but forgive me on this point I do not understand what you are claiming that I am trying to achieve.

I do agree with you when you say ‘History cannot be forgotten’, its something which those who would deny a people and state their right to self determination seem to do all the time. Ignoring the ancient archaeological sites such as Heraclea Lyncestis found in the Republic Of Macedonia, the Roman region of Macedonia, the Theme, the Byzantium period, the Ottoman province the short lived Macedonian republic of 1903 or the resultant borders of the treaty of Bucharest, all lead to a blinkered, regressive view of the past.

I’d urge any one with any level of constructive debate or objectivity to take a look at my past posts and try and equate it with what Greg has written above.

Can you please post me a link to this ‘Creed of Alexander The Great’, I can’t find a link. Whilst I’m not sure about a source that hangs in an airport, I would like to read it.

Nick - January 4, 2015
46. Türkan - November 29, 2014

I like your site. If you want, let’s get in contact. Bati Trakya Türk Türktut Kalacak! 🙂

Yilan - February 17, 2015

Hi, email me at yunanistan@hotmail.com

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