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Neo nazi golden dawn harassing Macedonians 13-12-2009 December 21, 2009

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Neo Nazi’s Hrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn) outside new office of Ethnic Macedonian political party rainbows.



Greek Fascists Disrupt Presentation of the Greek – Macedonian Dictionary in Athens. June 4, 2009

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dictionary4hrisi avgi

Ελληνες φασίστες επιτέθηκαν στην εκδήλωση γιά την παρουσίαση του Ελληνικού – Μακεδονικού Λεξικού στην Αθήνα.

Athens, 2 June 2009

Right-wing Greek fascists, members of a group called “Hrisi Avgi” (Golden Dawn), showed up during the promotion of the Greek – Macedonian dictionary, organized by Ouranio Toxo (Rainbow) — the political party of the Macedonian minority in Greece.

Thirty minutes after the beginning of the event a group of twenty masked persons with emblems of Hrisi Avgi entered the Press Center of Foreign Correspondents in Athens, located near the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and verbally attacked the promoters. They went on to damage equipment and destroy promotional materials. No one was injured as the head of the fascists told his followers not to start fighting but to force the participants to leave the event.

The group, which is considered to be an extreme wing of the National Orthodox Political Movement (LAOS) lead by the fascist Jorgos Karadzaferis, left the site after learning police were on their way. However, according to Dr Friedman, Greek police did not intervene to stop the fascists from disrupting the event but lingered outside until the fascists left on their own. Greek police are known to be sympathetic to racists when it comes to oppressing minorities.

Participants of the event continued with the promotion of the dictionary but left the site after police informed them that yet another group of right-wings Greek fascists was preparing attacks against them as well. One wonders what the role of the police is in Greece, is it to uphold the law for all, or is it to assist racists and fascists?

Perhaps Hrisi Avgi were merely performing a clandestine service for the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs down the street and police had their instructions not to intervene.

The promotion of the Greek Macedonian dictionary with 15,000 words, was prepared by the Macedonian author, Vasko Karadza, and is part of the campaign for the Election for Euro–parliament to be held on Sunday July 7 2009.

A short clip of the incident can be seen here:

Interview with Victor Friedman after the incident:
http://a1.com.mk/vesti/video.asp?Video= … tID=109540

Macedonian News Reports


Greek neo-nazis interrupt promotion of Greek-Macedonian dictionary

Athens, June 3 (MIA) – About 20 activists of Greek fascist organization “Chrysi Avyi” (Golden Dawn) interrupted late Tuesday the promotion of Greek-Macedonian dictionary in Athens, organized by party of Macedonians in Greece “Rainbow”.

During the promotion, a group of masked individuals entered the International Press Center in order to cause an incident. They damaged the equipment of the cameramen, destroyed the promotional materials and verbally attacked the promoters, including renowned U.S. Slavist and linguist Victor Friedman.

After receiving information that the police is about to arrive at the facility, “Chrysi Avyi” members ran away and the promotion resumed.

“Chrysi Avyi” was recently registered as a political party and has close ties with the parliamentary nationalist party LAOS of Georgios Karatzaferis.

One of “Rainbow” leaders, Pavle Vaskopoulos told Macedonian TV station “Kanal 5” the incident was a signal that “Greek authorities start to fear the Macedonianism in Greece”, adding this is a disgrace for Greece, which cannot be hidden from the European public.

Last night’s incident occurs five days before the European Parliament elections in Greece. According to the Greek neo-nazis, the 15,000-word dictionary prepared by Vasko Karadza should not have been issued, because the Macedonian language had not existed. On the other hand, promoters stress it is a testimony on the existence of the Macedonians and a response to the Athens’ stance on the alleged non-existence of the Macedonian language.