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Macedonia, Turkey ink agreement on military-financial cooperation December 25, 2010

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Macedonia and Turkey signed Friday an agreement on military-financial cooperation. It envisages Turkey to donate military aid to Macedonia at its own choice in amount of one million US dollars in 2011.
In addition to the agreement, Turkish Defence Minister Vecdi Gonul – who is paying an official two-day visit to Macedonia together with a delegation of the Turkish Ministry for National Defence – is due to hand over a $253,000 donation to the Macedonian Army (ARM).
After signing the agreement, Gonul said that even though Macedonia and Turkey didn’t share a joint border, the Turkish people were perceiving Macedonia as their closest neighbour.
“Turkey is not only the first country that recognised Macedonia and sent an ambassador, but it also recognised the country together with its millennium-long historical past, not with some abbreviation,” the Minister said.
He added that Macedonia since his first visit back in 2004 had significantly advanced in the field of defence and democracy.
“Today’s signing of the agreement is a step forward in establishing a higher cooperation on the existing excellent cooperation between the countries. Bilateral cooperation especially in the field of defence industry will be significantly reinforced,” Gonul stated.

Greek Navy on National Holiday: We’ll Kill all Skopjans (Macedonian) and Albanian pigs March 28, 2010

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Paroles and chants by Greece’s Navy during their National holiday left several Greek newspapers stunned, which is unsual for Greek media.

The chants were started not by Greece’s Neo Nazi members, rather by Greece’s special Navy forces who started off with “We will make clothing out of Skopjans skin, we will slaughter all Albanian pigs” reports Eleftherotypia.

“Where is all this hatred coming from?” was the question asked by majority of Greek newspapers. A simple answer could be the decades of brainwashing upon Greece’s populace by the very same newspapers who now seem to be ‘outraged’!?

The Turks were not spared during the chants of the Greek Navy, messages were sent to all Turks that they also would be slaughtered.

The latest in racist and fascist chants by the Greek Navy may not go too well with the authorities in Ankara, Skopje and Tirana.